The moment is a membership based collective of people who are out to support each other’s full creative discovery and expression in the world.

Whether you’re just getting started on your path and looking for a community to adventure and learn with, or wanting to roll your sleeves up and build something beautiful, we’ve got all sorts of ways for you join us.




You love what this is about and want to learn more!

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You feel like you’ve found your people and you want to get involved!

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  • Opportunities to apply for our Catalyst and other programs that leverage the support of the community.

  • The opportunity to come stay at our beautiful retreat, Terra Madre

  • Opportunities to invest in the collective with your time, talent, and/or funds for shares of revenue that come from the ventures that we support.

Once you’re a member, you’ll have the opportunity to get more involved in several different ways.


For those who want to participate but don’t have a ton of time. We invite contributors to offer their advisory skills to the Catalyst program or the collective at large. 



You want to roll up your sleeves and be a part of making the magic. Our co-creators are passionate about offering their unique talents, creativity, services and skills toward projects that support incubated ventures and/or the collective. If you want to offer or lead a particular project,that would make the collective stronger, this level of participation is for you. We offer all contributors shares in the company in exchange for their contributions.



You want to be generous with your time and involvement. Our patrons are highly engaged in creating a thriving community and system. Patrons sit on and contribute to at least one committee, offering their services and input on an ongoing basis. We offer all contributors shares in exchange for their contributions and the opportunity to invest in and/or support emerging art and ventures from the community.

founding members

The Moment Collective is now INVITING Founding Members to join. 

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